Sunday, May 8, 2016

Week 6-- Bio&Art Kathryn Halstead

                  Artists are being inspired by biology, for instance, the are becoming inspired by research, experiments, and living organisms. I researched online some examples of biology and art integrated, and came across Jonathan Kingdon. Jonathan Kingdon was an authority on African mammals in the Department of Zoology at the University of Oxford in England. Kingdom decided to study the evolution of African mammals. He began drawing the mammals, by comparing the morphology of related species. After sketching and comparing the mammals, he began to study the behavior, ecology, anatomy, and biogeography, but it was said that his work was rooted back to his art. 
                 Kingdon used drawing as a way to study these mammals in close detail also to correlate behavior with anatomy. He stated that photography did not cut it, it was not detail enough and didn't give him enough information he needed. He states, “A camera processes all points of light in the same manner, whereas the brain finds edges and creates constructions that are based on past experience.” Kingdon’s research resulted in many contributions to the zoological literature. It is said that his art and contributions to science and biology created a “semless-whole.” Here are some of Kingdon’s sketches and drawings of the mammals he was studying. His studies of being able to draw and contribute to zoology describes the relationship between art and bio. 
               Another example of biology and art being integrated is the genetic modification of food. For thousands of years, we have been genetically enhancing animals/organisms through selective breeding. The reasoning behind this genetic modification of food is for artistic and desirable characteristics. This food modification relates to art in a way where these foods need to catch society’s eye, whether the plants are bright green, the tomatoes are bright red, and even sweet corn is bright yellow. 

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  1. I really enjoyed your blog post. It is interesting to think that food modification has been happening for thousands of years. Unfortunately today, modern technology has been the negative side of selective breeding with all the added chemicals and insecticide.